Monday, April 20, 2009

feel before final exam in this semester

This is the last entry in my blog for this semester. In year 2009, I am in part three in UITM. This semester I am taking a lot of subject. That is seven subjects. At the first time, it is so difficult for me. The subjects are BEL 311, CTU 241, BMD101, ECO211, MGT 263, QMT and hockey.

The first subject is BEL 311. In this class I had learning more about English Language. Every Thursday my group has a speaking practice for the speaking test. In BEL 311, in my group are peq, kaka and aiza. We did many things to improve the speaking. I also hope that I can pass this subject. Thank you to Mr. Izuan.

The second subject is CTU 241. In this semester, I think this is the easy subject but must to read the entire book. The subject is about economic in Malaysia. I also get full marks in the CTU quiz. It can help to increase my marks in final exam. The test also is already held last week. I hope I can get best marks for the test.

For BMD 101, I had already done my video project. It is interesting for me. I hope that my lecture like this video and give me the best marks. In the oral test, we must bring the picture so we can tell about the picture. I bought my family picture in the test.

ECO 211 is about economic subject. Before study week, we had done the quizzes. The quizzes are including all the tittles that we had study before. This subject for me is quite difficult and I must study hard for this subject. I hope I can do the best in final exam.

For MGT 263, we had done all work like interview, mob meeting, proposal and presentation in class. In this subject, I can learn more about job and meeting. If I do not do the work, I cannot know the entire thing. It also give me experience when do the meeting and now I know what had to do in meeting.

The QMT subject for me is quite difficult and I must study hard to pass the paper. I feel so afraid about that. It is about statistic and must do the calculation. Actually this subject is quite easy but I always confuse when the calculations do. That why I am very afraid about this subject.

Lastly is hockey. Before this I did not know to play hockey but know after I go to the class I can play hockey. I feel so happy. Thank you to my coach. I also can meet new friends when go to the class. I hope i can pass all the subject in this semester.

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