Monday, April 20, 2009

feel before final exam in this semester

This is the last entry in my blog for this semester. In year 2009, I am in part three in UITM. This semester I am taking a lot of subject. That is seven subjects. At the first time, it is so difficult for me. The subjects are BEL 311, CTU 241, BMD101, ECO211, MGT 263, QMT and hockey.

The first subject is BEL 311. In this class I had learning more about English Language. Every Thursday my group has a speaking practice for the speaking test. In BEL 311, in my group are peq, kaka and aiza. We did many things to improve the speaking. I also hope that I can pass this subject. Thank you to Mr. Izuan.

The second subject is CTU 241. In this semester, I think this is the easy subject but must to read the entire book. The subject is about economic in Malaysia. I also get full marks in the CTU quiz. It can help to increase my marks in final exam. The test also is already held last week. I hope I can get best marks for the test.

For BMD 101, I had already done my video project. It is interesting for me. I hope that my lecture like this video and give me the best marks. In the oral test, we must bring the picture so we can tell about the picture. I bought my family picture in the test.

ECO 211 is about economic subject. Before study week, we had done the quizzes. The quizzes are including all the tittles that we had study before. This subject for me is quite difficult and I must study hard for this subject. I hope I can do the best in final exam.

For MGT 263, we had done all work like interview, mob meeting, proposal and presentation in class. In this subject, I can learn more about job and meeting. If I do not do the work, I cannot know the entire thing. It also give me experience when do the meeting and now I know what had to do in meeting.

The QMT subject for me is quite difficult and I must study hard to pass the paper. I feel so afraid about that. It is about statistic and must do the calculation. Actually this subject is quite easy but I always confuse when the calculations do. That why I am very afraid about this subject.

Lastly is hockey. Before this I did not know to play hockey but know after I go to the class I can play hockey. I feel so happy. Thank you to my coach. I also can meet new friends when go to the class. I hope i can pass all the subject in this semester.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

my album...

1. Love
- All human in the world has a feeling like love. It whether loves to people or other. Love is unique. I also already fall in love with someone. In this song, love can make people feel liveliness and happy.

2. Strength to life

- To get what we want, we must strength and brave in all thing that we do. Do not ever give up to study. When we fail to do something, we must to get up again.

3. I’m waiting you
- Love can make people wait someone until die and forever. This song tell that that women still wait for her soul until the end of her life although she know that the boy is far away.

4. Beautiful
- All girls in the world are beautiful. They had a different advantage. I like to see all the beautiful women and proud of her.

5. Until now
- Until now we must had to study and get what we want. Whatever we do now, we must thinking to get a good result.

6. Grateful
- I was so grateful because had a happy and understanding family. I’m so grateful. All human also must grateful to whatever that they have. That is the mean in this song.

7. Wait !
- Wait for me! That is always we hear. Wait to go to somewhere, wait her boyfriend and girlfriend and wait to do something. This song tell people about to be a patient.

8. Whatever
- Whatever we do in life, we also must pray to God. We also do not think whatever people say about us and just go forward.

9. So confusing
- In life must had something that make we feel confusing. But we must know how to overcome it.

10. Best memories
- In life we must have one or more memories. We also must have one of the best memories that we cannot forget it. The song is about the little girl cannot forget the memories when she was small with their family. Until now, she still remembers it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


GHOST. I believe we are finding that what many call “demons” are in fact what many people have termed as shadow ghosts (dark shadows). Ghosts have been found to possess people for several reasons: by accident, to assist the one whom they have possessed, to continue experiencing physical life,trauma – not even understanding they have died (because they are still alive), or else.

I've been heard the stories happen to my roommate, Qila and decided to share the experience. This happened to her when she was in her holiday at Sabah.

She said, she was sitting on the chair watching television and the chair was in a position that she could watch the TV. From her story, if anyone presses the doorbell, she can see them just by adjusting her sight to the right, which is the gate. Well this is what happened. She was watching TV, when suddenly she saw a lady, long-haired, and from what she recall she think 'the lady' was wearing white, although she not really sure. 'The lady' was holding something and walked through the main doors. My friend saw 'the lady' walk through the door, which should be weird and frightening to many.

However, she felt at peace with 'the lady', somehow, they are know each other, but she know she didn't. Anyway, 'the lady' walked through the door and go to the gate and disappear, as though going out. Her mother also reported a sighting of this ghost, so this probably means that it is true.

This is the story about ghost that i heard. For me, this thing not yet happen in my life and i hope i did not ever see the ghost because i am very afraid with the things.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

love is unique

Oh love….Love is interpersonal love, an experience felt by a person for another person. Love often involves caring for or identifying with a person or thing, including oneself.

For me love is not a single feeling but an emotion built from two or more feelings. As an abstract concept, love usually refers to a deep, ineffable feeling of tenderly caring for another person. Even this limited conception of love, however, encompasses a wealth of different feelings, from the passionate desire and intimacy of romantic love to the nonsexual emotional closeness of familial and platonic love to the profound oneness or devotion of religious love.

I know that in this world that love can make someone feel happy, sad, interesting, excited and many more feel. That is fact about love in life. All people have their own dream characteristic guy or girl. For me, I also have a dream characteristic guy..

Wa.... My dream guy must be honestly. He do not lie when do everything. He also not a hypocrite guy. It can make me hate a guy like that. If have things that he or me do not like to do, must tell quickly and honestly. He also mature guy and can be a good listener when I had a trouble.

Besides that, he also must responsible and caring to me and his self. Do not do anything wrong and make his life trouble. It is because he is a leader in life when we get married. He also can respect my family and I. It is important to me. I also do not like the guy that fail to fulfill their promise.

Other than that, the guy must have a stable job. It for easy life. The guy also must have a good personality and loving person. I do not like guy that dressed in dowdy clothes because sometimes people judge person by their personality.

I like the funny guy. It is because he can make me feel happy and always laugh. He must clever to make joke. It can make my life colorful and I do not feel boring with him.

That is the dream characteristics guy that I want. I think had a more characteristics but that is an important. Bubye…

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my college

It is a normal life for students live in hostel or college. For me, live in college can give more experience and I can get more friends. In UiTM Segamat have many collages for their students. To get the college, the students must enter all the activity. If not, for the next semester is difficult for students to get college. It makes me feel so afraid to not attend the activity.

Since part one until now, I live in college Baiduri. This college is near the field and the road. Every evening I can see many students playing sports and jogging. I am also playing badminton every evening. Baiduri college had four blocks which t is block A, B, C and D. I live at block A level one. My level is called short wing because only had 10 room. One room had four roommates. Every roommate is choosing by other side. I live in the same room since part one and never change. In this room, my bed in down bunk. I really happy at the bed.

In my room, I have 4 roommates including me. My first roommate is Siti Shakila bt Mohd Imran. She is 20 years old and she is from Muar Johor. She is kind and happy person that I know. If had a free time she must back to home. That I really know about her. She also is hardworking woman and had big eyes. Don’t make her mad, if her mad their eyes can be bigger. She also a religious person. I had meet her since part one. She is part 3 same with me and studying Diploma in Quantatif Science. She is a good friend.

Beside that, my other roommate is Nur Hayati bt Adenan. She is from Johor Bahru. She is sweet and advanced in cooking. She is 21 years old and studying in Diploma in Business and now in part 6. This is the last semester for her. She does not like to make love because it can waste her time to study. Other than that, she is a simple person that I know. Spectacles is very important to her.

The last roommate is Nur Fatihah bt Azman. She also a simple person. She from Putrajaya and 21 years old. She is studying in Diploma in Accountancy and this semester her in part 6. She like to eat same with my entire roommate and like go to traveling. She is very friendly with other people. She also always likes to make a joke and happy person. The important thing for her is her hand phone and her contact lenses. Without the thing her life is not complete.

I am really happy stay at this college. It makes my life colorful and always gets a wonderful time. I hope I can stay in this room until last semester.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My classmate !

1. Amirul
He is a talkative and friendly person. I know that he can sing very well. He also a smart guy. He is from Johor Bahru.

2. Ashraf
He is quite shy at class. I never hear their voice, I think. His face also looks like Ally Iskandar.

3. Azhar (sood)
He is funny man in my class. He likes to make a joke and make me laugh everyday.

4. Khalid
He is D3B2 class rep. He has a girlfriend. So to other woman, do not disturb Khalid. Hehe.

5. Nasri
He is friendly person. He also very close with Sood.

6. Nizam
He is shy man.

7. Ain
She is a good and kind person. She likes to smile everytime.

8. Salwa
She is a kind and nice person. She is a twin with Radhiyah. When I am part 2, she always teach me math subject. She also more aggressive between Radhiyah.

9. Atikah (kaka)
Everyday I go to class with her. She is kind and clever girl. I always want she to teach me in every subject. That why she also has a clever boyfriend. Hehe. She is from Tangkak.

10. Farah Irma
that me.

11. Aiza Zaleha
I also go to class with her. She is a happy and funny girl. Always make a joke.

12. Sheila
She is cute girl. Kind and silent person. She is very quite person but I just know that she is good in English.

13. HalimahTusSa’diah
She's sweet

14. Radhiyah
Her twins is Salwa. She is nice person.

15. Azierah
She is Cool

16. Ernie
She is small and cute girl. She is quite shy I think.

17. Sue
She's a nice person. She also likes to smile while I do not close with her.

18. Lynn
She is talkative. Beside that, she also is a funny girl.

19. Nik
She looks sweet and nice person

20. Nadzirah
She is kind and nice woman.

21. Salbiyah
She is a sweet person.

22. Huda
She’s very hardworking and talkative. Always wear a nice tudung.

23. Aina
She is friendly girl. I like the dress up and the way she in the class. She also always smiles. I like the way when she speak in English and enter all in the class. She is from Johor Bahru.

24. Shahida
She is a talkative woman. She is girlfriend class rap. So to other man, do not disturb shahida ok.

25. Farahiyah
She's cute and kind person.

26. Farahain
She's Cool and nice girl. She also same class with me in part 2.

27. Izzaty
She is a sweet and nice person. She is from Johor Bahru.

28. Asyikin (kak kent)
She is a sweet person.

29. Raja
She is a cute girl and likes to laugh. She always smiles with other person. Raja also best friend with asyikin. She is from Muar.

30. Faezah (not in the picture)
I always go to class with them. She is nice person. Like to smile and laugh everyday.

Facts about me !

1.Happy person

I like to smile and laugh everyday and every time.

2.Like shopping very much!

I like shopping very much because it can release tension. It also can help me to full my free time. I always go to shopping with my lovely mother, family and friends.

3.Sometime like to sleep.

If I do not have work to do, I must sleep. It makes my body feel fresh and wake up when I want.

4.I only have 2 siblings

Other one is my little sister. Her name is Nur Fatin Irma. Now she was school in MRSM Jasin Melaka.She is very clever girl.

5.I am very like pink color.

It can make me feel good and style. I also like other color but obsess to pink color.

6.Sensitive person

I am easy to cry if someone talks about something that I do not like. My heart is easy to touch in many ways. I try to change but can’t.

7.Very excited in bowling

I was playing bowling since standard 6. I love this game very much. My father is the coach. I was entering all the tournaments that I know and I win the game.

8.Do not like cockroach

Eiii..the smell can make me feel uncomfortable.

9.I do not like people not answer the phone when I call.

It can make me angry and hate them. I also do not know why I like that. So people who has know, answer the phone when I call ok.

10.Like to eat vegetables

Since small I like to eat this. I can eat without any other food. It is enough for me. I like all kind vegetables.